Brittany Williams: Who is the Hyperdrive star that has people shouting 'Lite Brite Nation'? (2024)


By John Dotson

Brittany Williams: Who is the Hyperdrive star that has people shouting 'Lite Brite Nation'? (1)

Hyperdrive has given us something different and more exciting than most reality competition shows. Every obstacle, face-off, and challenge is tense and nailbiting and the competitors make it all the more compelling.

For example, as discussed previously, the emotional journey of Stacey Lee May and what she had to go through just to be in the show.

But she is not the only contestant who has the internet abuzz. Brittany Williams has also been the talk of everyone since the show hit this week. And what will surprise a lot of Netflix viewers is she already has a devoted following on the internet.

Here is everything to know about Hyperdrive star Brittany Williams and her Lite Brite following.

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Who is Brittany Williams from Hyperdrive?

As seen from the show, the 28-year-old drifter from Texas says that at one point when she was younger, her family was homeless and because of this she drives herself to maintain positivity in everything she does.

“Growing up as a kid, there was a point where we were homeless. But my mom, she was able to make sure that we were always positive, despite going through that level of hardship. And so, that’s what I try to focus on when I drive.”

And amazingly enough, Williams brings this attitude everywhere with her in life. In fact, before she became a competitor on Hyperdrive, she and her husband Kevin Williams created a YouTube channel to inspire others.

The channel known as Lite Brite started around December 2016, which was about the time Williams began her career in Drift Racing — and just like most YouTube channels, it has evolved over time and has generated a devoted following. Currently, their YouTube Community — who call themselves Lite Brite Nation — has over 80,000 subscribers. And one can imagine after appearing on Netflix, it will only grow further.

As described on the “About” page, Brittany and Kevin document their life adventures in racing and other things, in hopes of “hopefully inspiring some along the way to chase their own passions and enjoy every moment possible!”

And apparently it has worked, because even on Netflix’s YouTube page for the advertisem*nt of Hyperdrive, fans of Lite Brite Nation have revealed themselves as “Team Lite Brite” with comments like “I’m ready. lite brite nation!” and “Lite Brite Nation got your back, Brittany.”

More about Brittany Williams from Hyperdrive

Just like Stacey Lee May, breaking down the barriers of racing being a male-dominated sport is something Brittany Williams hopes to overcome. She has only been doing this for two and a half years, so needless to say she is on the right track.

In an article for ESPN, Brittany Williams elaborates on the subject, saying all it takes is the bravery to make the first decision.

“All it takes is that first step. But, the first step is what everyone is afraid of. Women are especially afraid because motorsports, like many other sports, is very male-dominated. Some are afraid to hear things like, ‘She’s a girl’ or ‘girls can’t drive’ [Which, by the way, I would beg to differ]. You’ll see plenty of females tearing up that track if you watch the show.”

And while bravery is truly everything, she also mentions to Wonderwall that racing is one of the few sports where men and women can be seen as equals.

“One thing I really love about motorsports is that it’s one of the only times that women can compete against men on an equal playing field. There’s no ‘men’s team’ and ‘women’s team.’ On the track, no matter what sort of track it is, you’re a driver. Just like the guy or girl in the car next to you.”

Brittany Williams is proving one thing to the world on the Netflix platform: women are no longer content to have no voice even in areas that many consider male-dominated.

Williams is a voice of hope for women everywhere who just want to do what they love without judgment. And with her platform on Team Lite Brite, she is already inspiring thousands of people everywhere.

Hyperdrive episodes are currently available on Netflix.

Brittany Williams: Who is the Hyperdrive star that has people shouting 'Lite Brite Nation'? (2024)


Who are the people on Lite Brite Nation? ›

Living The Dream

Brittany and Kevin both come from a background in drifting, but their love for all things automotive hardly stops there. From installs and travel vlogs to event appearances and off-road racing, when it comes to automotive, Lite Brite Nation leaves no wrench unturned.

What kind of car does Brittany Williams drive? ›

On her 2008 Nissan 350Z, built especially for drifting, Williams aced dangerous obstacles like the Leveler, a high-rise seesaw that drivers must balance with their cars, and the Supernova, a 180 degree turn in reverse.

What does Brittany Williams do for a living? ›

She is a Pilates instructor and fashion influencer

Williams is a Pilates instructor and owner of the online workout platform Pilates by Britt.

Did Josh break up with Brittany? ›

BRITTANY Williams opened up about what life is like following her break up with NFL star Josh Allen. Williams dated the Buffalo Bills franchise QB for ten years and appeared on a podcast this week to share how her personal life has been going since.

Where did Brittany Williams go to college? ›

Brittany Williams is a Pilates instructor who was formerly a California State University, Fresno alum and cheerleader.

Is Hyperdrive getting a second season? ›

A: Season 2 of Hyperdrive is set to be released on August 14th, 2024. Q: What challenges can viewers expect to see in Hyperdrive? A: Viewers can expect to see a variety of challenges in Hyperdrive, including high-speed drifts, precision maneuvers, and daring jumps.

Who won Hyperdrive? ›

The idea was to push the drivers and cars to the max using the wildest obstacle courses ever designed for automobiles. A young Brazilian drift driver, Diego Higa, captured the victory using a 2005 Mustang GT, but promptly parked it following the show's filming.

Do kids like Lite-Brite? ›

Lite-Brite has been a kid-favorite toy for generations and has earned it's place in the Toy Hall of Fame!

Is Lite-Brite patented? ›

Marvin Glass filed a patent application on the Lite-Brite the following year and in September 1970, the USPTO issued U.S. Patent No. 3530615, Illuminated Design Set.

Where is Lite-Brite headquarters? ›

About us. Lite Brite Neon Studio LLC 272 Morgan Ave, Brooklyn NY 11211 + 26 Downs Street, Kingston NY 12401 Unceeded Lenape Lands. Production based in the Espous Highlands.

Is Lite-Brite trademarked? ›


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