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Publication Order of Those Who Wait Books

Those Who Wait (2020)Description/BuyatAmazon
Forever and A Day (2020)Description/BuyatAmazon

Publication Order of When You Least Expect It Books

When You Least Expect It (2020)Description/BuyatAmazon
Better Than Expected (2022)Description/BuyatAmazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

In the Long Run (2021)Description/BuyatAmazon
On the Same Page (2023)Description/BuyatAmazon

Publication Order of I Heart Sapphfic Pride Collection Books

The Glow Up (By: Cara Malone) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazon
Faux Pas (By: LilySeabrooke) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazon
The Perfect Fit (By: Erica Lee) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazon
HOWL (By: Lucy Bexley) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazon
Take Two (By: T.B. Markinson,Miranda MacLeod) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazon
Every Version (By: Bryce Oakley) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazon
Pride Festival (By: Nicole Pyland) (2022)Description/BuyatAmazon
Down to A Science (2022)Description/BuyatAmazon

About Haley Cass

American author Haley Cass, residing in Massachusetts, enjoys the fall foliage and crafting engaging protagonists in her romance novels. Her stories are entertaining to read due to her skill in creating compelling characters and narratives. Readers are drawn in by the immersive plots she weaves, bringing her characters to life on the pages effortlessly.

Her talent shines through in her ability to develop relationships and conflicts within her stories. Her writing evokes a range of emotions and resonates deeply with readers. By presenting rich emotional experiences, she adds depth to her storytelling and keeps readers engaged.

Cass stands out as a notable romance author for her knack in creating immersive and emotionally resonant stories. Readers find themselves captivated by her writing style and the dynamic relationships she builds between characters. With each book, Haley Cass continues to showcase her talent for leaving a lasting impact on her audience with her compelling stories.

Early and Personal Life

Growing up in Massachusetts, Haley Cass developed a passion for reading and writing from a young age. Encouraged by her mother, she penned her first story under the kitchen table for privacy. Inspired by her surroundings, Cass finds inspiration in the changing seasons and lush fall foliage.

Although she has outgrown her childhood writing spot, Cass remains dedicated to her craft, constantly seeking new sources of creativity. Her upbringing and early experiences have significantly influenced her journey as an author. Over the years, she has honed her writing skills and found her unique voice in the world of romance literature.

Rooted in her love for storytelling since childhood, Haley Cass continues to evolve as an author. Drawing from her life in Massachusetts and exploring new creative avenues, she captivates readers with her engaging narratives. Cass’s growth as a writer is a testament to her unwavering passion for crafting compelling stories that resonate with audiences.

Writing Career

Haley Cass, an LGBT-friendly romance writer, has penned several novels since 2020, including ‘Those Who Wait,’ ‘Forever and a Day,’ and ‘When You Least Expect It.’ In 2021, she added ‘In the Long Run’ to her repertoire, followed by ‘Better Than Expected’ in 2022 and ‘On the Same Page’ in 2023.

Furthermore, Cass has made contributions to the ‘I Heart SapphFic Pride Collection’ series with ‘Down to A Science’ in 2022. As an author who champions LGBTQ+ representation in her romance novels, Haley Cass continues to make waves with her inclusive storytelling, promising more works that celebrate love and diversity in the future.

Those Who Wait

Haley Cass’s standalone romance novel ‘Those Who Wait’ was published on January 1, 2022, on the Kindle platform. Serving as the inaugural book in the ‘Those Who Wait’ series, this novel marks the beginning of an engaging journey in the world of romance literature.

Sutton Spencer’s post-graduate aspirations are straightforward: complete her studies, find love, and navigate life after graduation. However, uncertainty clouds her path as she struggles to plan her future and communicate with women confidently. In contrast, Charlotte Thompson’s career-driven mindset leaves little room for romance, prioritizing her political ambitions over emotional entanglements.

Their contrasting approaches to life and love raise questions about whether their meeting through a dating app will lead to anything beyond a platonic connection.

The unique dynamic between Sutton and Charlotte offers a captivating exploration of love, ambition, and self-discovery that will keep readers eagerly turning the pages.

When You Least Expect It

Haley Cass’s standalone romance novel ‘When You Least Expect It’ debuted on the Kindle platform on September 1, 2022, marking the inception of a series of the same name. Readers would find an immersive journey into the world of romance as Cass weaves her signature storytelling in this novel.

Caroline Parker sets ambitious career goals as Boston’s top divorce attorney by thirty-five, convinced that love is not in her future, especially considering her turbulent romantic history. Despite her Christmas curse of multiple holiday breakups, a chance encounter with the captivating Hannah Dalton on Christmas Eve challenges Caroline’s beliefs.

As Caroline navigates a complex professional and personal relationship with Hannah, unexpected emotions and desires begin to surface, blurring the boundaries between lawyer and client. Their evolving connection forces Caroline to confront her preconceived notions about love and her own happiness.

Cass expertly intertwines blossoming romance and professional ambitions, immersing readers in a narrative that challenges beliefs and ignites unexpected desires, making it a compelling and engaging read.

In the Long Run

Haley Cass’s romance novel ‘In the Long Run’ was published on the Kindle platform on November 19, 2021. The book garnered recognition as a Lambda Literary Award Nominee for Lesbian Romance in 2021, showcasing Cass’s skill in crafting compelling stories within the genre. Readers would once more explore a tale of love and connection in this acclaimed work.

Taylor Vandenberg, a free-spirited traveler, left her Tennessee hometown and embraced a life of adventure with few regrets. Back in Faircombe, her bond with her sister, niece, and the potential for stirring up trouble with Brooke Watson remains strong. Brooke, dedicated to preserving their town’s heritage, finds herself at odds with Taylor’s carefree nature and allure.

The intertwined lives of Taylor and Brooke, shaped by their contrasting personalities and deep connections, create a compelling narrative of love and conflict set against the backdrop of Faircombe. As Taylor’s presence disrupts Brooke’s carefully laid plans, the evolving dynamic between the two women unveils layers of tension and unexpected emotions.

With skillful storytelling, Cass once again brings to life a tale filled with emotional depth and unexpected twists, offering a captivating exploration of relationships and personal growth.

On the Same Page

Published on the Kindle platform on October 24, 2023, ‘On the Same Page’ is another addition to Haley Cass’s collection of romance novels. Readers can delve into Cass’s storytelling prowess as she further navigates themes of love and connection in this contemporary romance.

Since their college days at Boston University, Riley Beckett’s bond with the glamorous Gianna Mäkinen has been foundational in her life, evolving over a decade filled with understanding and closeness. Riley’s deep understanding of Gianna, including her views on sex and relationships, forms the bedrock of their unshakeable friendship.

However, when a holiday event sets off a chain of revelations, Riley is forced to reevaluate the true nature of their connection and the significance of Gianna in her life.

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