Hypixel SkyBlock Patch Notes 0.20.2 - Chocolate Factory, Glacite Changes, and more! (2024)

Hypixel SkyBlock Patch Notes 0.20.2 - Chocolate Factory, Glacite Changes, and more! (1)


Welcome to Hypixel SkyBlock Patch 0.20.2. Today's update includes new features to Hoppity’s Chocolate Factory, some more Glacite changes, and some other nifty changes. Read on to learn more about them!

Chocolate Factory Expansion

Hoppity’s event was well received, so we added a few features to enhance its gameplay.

2 New Rabbit Family Employees

We noticed that five employees weren’t providing enough gameplay depth, even during the first few prestiges, so we added 2 new family members:

  • Rabbit Uncle grants 6 chocolate per second per level. You unlock them after the first prestige. They clearly peaked in high school and can’t stop talking about that infamous game they lost during the championship. Not the most riveting character to talk to.
  • Rabbit Dog grants 7 chocolate per second. You unlock them after the second prestige. They are the pet of the family, but because he’s a dog he still performs better than the rabbits.

Hypixel SkyBlock Patch Notes 0.20.2 - Chocolate Factory, Glacite Changes, and more! (2)

Hoppity would like to remind you that you should not be feeding Chocolate to your Dog.

Shop Milestones

To add a strategic layer, we’ve introduced shop milestones. This system rewards 24 new rabbits based on your total chocolate spent in the shop. Players now have an extra reason to invest chocolate in the shop, as it contributes to factory progression.

  • This system grants mythic rabbits earlier in the reward tree.
  • Each rabbit represents a letter from the Greek alphabet, so you are all going to gain immense general knowledge. Unless you already speak Greek.

Hypixel SkyBlock Patch Notes 0.20.2 - Chocolate Factory, Glacite Changes, and more! (3)

Unfortunately the milestones are not retroactive! You will have to spend the chocolate again!

Prestige 5

Introducing a 5th Prestige, unlocking a new rabbit rarity: Divine. Five Starborn Rabbits increase the max level of your rabbit family members by 1.

Here are the other perks of prestige 5:

  • Level up rabbit family employees to level 220 (And 225 if you have all 5 Starborns)
  • Unlock new shop items
  • Increase max storage from 25B to 60B.
  • Prestige multiplier goes from +1x to +1.5x

New Shop items and yearly shop cap

Hypixel SkyBlock Patch Notes 0.20.2 - Chocolate Factory, Glacite Changes, and more! (4)

Each Update of the chocolate factory will increase the max amount of chocolate per day, therefore we are adding yearly caps on shop items balanced around the production you should have around the time you unlock those items.

We also added a few extra things to spend all your chocolate on:

  • Prestige 4
    • Chocolate Dye - A chocolate color Dye.
      • Cost: 4B - Max 4 per SkyBlock year
    • Chocolate Barn - A fantastic looking barn!
      • Cost: 7B - Max 1 per year
  • Prestige 5
    • Chocolate Fortune: Grants 1 Cocoa Fortune per level.
      • Cost: 2B per level (25 level)
    • Fish Chocolat a la Vapeur - Used to obtain Hoppity’s Abiphone Contact.
      • Cost: 50B - Max 1 per year
      • His contact allows you to buy his 7 rabbits later in the year if you missed the event. Hoppity might also sometimes call you…

Unlockable Rabbits

We added a short list of achievements that once done, will add new rabbits to the Egg pool of rabbits. There are a few rabbits related to the chocolate factory gameplay, such as:

  • Hubby (Common Rabbit)
    • Find 15 different egg locations in the Hub

We also added a few rabbits that are unlocked after doing various activities in the game, for example:

  • Necron (Epic Rabbit)
    • Defeat Necron in the Catacombs

Let us know what you think of this system!

General Changes

  • We added a few Crystal Hollow Nucleus egg locations. It might seem like an annoying change but we feel like the spirit of the event is lost too much in the Nucleus, it still remains a simpler zone to collect the eggs.
  • Rabbit the Fish and Fish the Rabbit are now obtainable… somehow.
  • Stray rabbits now stay 20 seconds inside the menu instead of 5, and are twice as common.
  • During Hoppity’s Event, right after collecting an egg, the first stray rabbit you find has a small chance to be a Golden Rabbit! Those have a stronger effect than stray rabbits.
  • Fixed a bug regarding duplicate rabbits. Finding/Crushing a duplicate should now correctly give 10% extra chocolate based on how many duplicates of those rabbit you found, capping at +100%.

That’s it! We hope you will enjoy those additions to the Chocolate Factory minigame.

Glacite Changes

We've made a couple small changes after the most recent Glacite update.

  • Blocks broken with custom abilities, such as Efficient Miner or Pickobulus, now affect Mineshaft rates again. However, these blocks broken will be at 50% effectiveness towards Mineshaft pity.
  • Scrap drop chances have been significantly buffed.
  • Removed all Powder drops from corpses now that we give out a flat amount per corpse.
    • Shattered Locket becomes more common as a result of removing powder drops from the drop pool.
  • Adjusted some Tungsten and Umber block strengths.
ScrapOld ChanceNew Chance
1st Scrap in Mineshaft1/1k1/200
2nd Scrap in Mineshaft1/1.5k1/400
3rd Scrap in Mineshaft1/2k1/800
4th Scrap in Mineshaft1/2.5k1/1400
5th Scrap in Mineshaft1/3k1/2200

In addition to the above changes, we have made some further changes to the Vanguard Corpse loot table in anticipation of powder drops being removed from the pool. The new table can be found below.

ItemAmountAverage Chance (6.5 rolls)
Flawless Onyx Gemstone122.14%
Fine Onyx Gemstone16011.07%
Flawless Citrine Gemstone122.14%
Fine Citrine Gemstone16011.07%
Flawless Peridot Gemstone122.14%
Fine Peridot Gemstone16011.07%
Flawless Aquamarine Gemstone122.14%
Fine Aquamarine Gemstone16011.07%
Suspicious Scrap441.51%
Bejeweled Handle441.51%
Blue Goblin Egg138.74%
Blue Goblin Egg219.37%
Refined Umber222.14%
Refined Tungsten222.14%
Refined Mithril216.60%
Refined Titanium216.60%
Glacite Amalgamation222.14%
Glacite Amalgamation411.07%
Mithril Plate18.30%
Umber Plate113.84%
Tungsten Plate113.84%
Umber Key127.67%
Umber Key213.84%
Umber Key42.77%
Tungsten Key127.67%
Tungsten Key213.84%
Tungsten Key42.77%
Ice Cold I Enchanted Book141.51%
Opal Crystal113.84%
Ruby Crystal113.84%
Jasper Crystal113.84%
Onyx Crystal113.84%
Citrine Crystal113.84%
Peridot Crystal113.84%
Aquamarine Crystal113.84%
Skeleton Key11.66%
Shattered Locket10.83%

We also fixed a couple bugs relating to the Glacite Tunnels.

  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to be immune to freezing when reaching -100 cold while in the Glacite Lake.
  • Fixed an issue with the Paleontologist description in the Enchantment guide.
  • Fixed being unable to gain Glacite commission progress in the Glacite Tunnels after leaving a Mineshaft.
  • Fixed Glacite damage warning message showing up when Thorns activate.
  • Fixed Phoenix pet being able to prevent players leaving Mineshafts due to freezing.
  • Fixed players being able to gain a small amount of "positive" cold by jumping in lava.
  • Fixed players being able to infinitely mine Tungsten, Umber, and Glacite with a drill without losing fuel when below the fuel requirement for those metals.
  • Fixed Quartz Stairs in Mineshafts not dropping Fossil Dust.
  • Fixed the Mine Affinity Talisman not working in Glacite Mineshafts.
  • Fixed time not showing on Glacite Mineshafts scoreboard.
  • Fixed an issue where the Pendant of Divan equipment passive was always active in Mineshafts.

General Changes

New Enchant: Toxophilite

The time has finally come for a stacking enchant for Bows. You can purchase this enchant at Elizabeth for 4,000 Bits. The enchantment grants 10% extra Combat XP and +10 Crit Chance at enchantment level 10.

Hypixel SkyBlock Patch Notes 0.20.2 - Chocolate Factory, Glacite Changes, and more! (5)

Combat Tag

We’re removing all restrictions relating to opening menus and warping while in combat. You’ll no longer be trolled by a Zombie Grunt hitting you as you try to pull something from your Ender Chest or getting smacked by an angry Zealot while you’re trying to warp out of The End!

Other Changes

  • All dyes can now be applied to non-leather vanilla armor pieces.
  • All items which are part of a collection now state “Collection Item” on them.
  • Added Enchanted Clownfish to the Clownfish collection.
  • Auger Rod now allows you to break ice above you when you are underwater.
  • Changed the color of 'Mythological Creatures' to dark green in the bestiary menu.
  • Changed the Goblin Creeper icon to a Creeper head in the Bestiary.
  • Player names have been removed from pet holograms for cleanliness.
  • You can now purchase the 5th Profile Slot for 2,750 Gems (you must be MVP+ as well to purchase).
  • You can now see your true Crit Chance above 100% when checking your stats.
  • You now get Crux Milestones on assists when in the Rift.

Bug Fixes

Item Fixes​

  • Fixed a grammar issue in the Ascension Rope lore.
  • Fixed an issue where Bat Firework couldn't be used with Spooky Sack.
  • Fixed being able to upgrade Zombie Commander armor by killing zombies spawned from minions on private islands.
  • Fixed Enchanted Bone Block not having an NPC sell price
  • Fixed Rancher's Boots glitching a player's location and repeatedly resetting their position when setting their walk speed very low.
  • Fixed Saving Grace sometimes causing you to die to fall damage when being teleported to spawn.
  • Fixed the Fermento Ultimate Helmet Skin affecting the Atoned Horror's helmet skin.
  • Fixed the Kuudra Follower Relic not being available in Rusty's shop after unlocking it.

Farming Fixes​

  • Fixed being able to grow extra tall cacti in the Garden.
  • Fixed the tooltip when hovering over a farming level above 50 not mentioning The Garden as one of the places you can talk to Anita.

Mining Fixes​

  • Fixed Efficient Miner Perk being able to break Gemstones when mining Redstone.
  • Fixed not being able to mine the Mithril Blocks at 107, 174, 25 in the Royals mines.
  • Fixed misleading message when clicking on claimed Jungle Temple chests without collecting the Crystal.
  • Fixed Opal gemstones showing a breaking power of -1 at Fragilis.
  • Fixed some stone blocks underground in the Coal Mine not respawning after breaking them.
  • Fixed the HOTM Goblin Killer perk giving an incorrect amount of extra powder for killing Golden Goblins.
  • Fixed the Mineral Armor effect breaking ores that your pickaxe doesn't have the breaking power to mine.
  • Fixed the info text when clicking treasure chests not reflecting the click reduction from the Great Explorer perk.

Pet Fixes​

  • Fixed an issue where Wisp pets could be fed while being hidden.
  • Fixed Endermite Pet's Daily Commuter perk not affecting the mana cost of Sinseeker Scythe's ability.

Misc. Fixes​

  • Fixed a logic error in the Bazaar telling the user they were "Overbidding too much!" when selling an item for considerably less than other offers.
  • Fixed an issue where Abiphone Relays spawned on every island.
  • Fixed Auction House staircase showing as being in the Coal Mine.
  • Fixed Autopet Rules becoming stale (requires them to be set up again) if the entire menu was filled.
  • Fixed being able to apply SkyBlock nametag items to mobs.
  • Fixed being able to spawn Golden Goblins in Dark Auction with Goblin Eggs.
  • Fixed Boo Stone / Greater Spook reforges having odd item names.
  • Fixed Enchanted Bone Blocks from Minions not awarding Combat XP.
  • Fixed errors when viewing hypergolic-grade fuel in Inferno Minions.
  • Fixed Ghosts being able to damage guests on private islands.
  • Fixed players being able to apply Ultimate Enchantments on items despite not meeting the Enchanting Skill level requirement.
  • Fixed players being able to run the '/spookysignpaper' command outside of the Great Spook.
  • Fixed players being able to run the /rng command without having an active Booster Cookie.
  • Fixed Portal and Travel Scroll Recipes not being shown in the collection menus for non-stranded profiles.
  • Fixed Red Sand, Mycelium and Sulphur villager trades in Stranded always giving 1 collection progress, even when purchasing higher quantities.
  • Fixed SkyMart and Taylor's Shop not awarding Fame for Gem purchases.
  • Fixed specific teleport/warp pads in The End teleporting you into a wall due to map changes.
  • Fixed the Catacombs Level Up message incorrectly showing Health increases for levels above 50.
  • Fixed the dungeon join requirements not listing clearing the previous floor as a condition.
Hypixel SkyBlock Patch Notes 0.20.2 - Chocolate Factory, Glacite Changes, and more! (2024)
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