TikTok Money Calculator: Estimate How Much You Can Earn as a Creator  (2024)

In recent years, TikTok has emerged as a veritable source of revenue for influencers and creators around the world. And with TikTok royalty like Khaby Lame and Charli D’Amelio pulling in millions of dollars annually, it’s easy to start imagining just how much money you can earn as a TikTok creator. While those kinds of numbers are the exception to the rule, there’s still a massive number of smaller TikTok creators and micro-influencers who are able to make money through the social media app.

How much creators can make on TikTok — from the Creator Rewards Program and other venues like brand partnerships — varies wildly based on a number of factors. This makes it tricky to figure out how much revenue you can make through the platform. That’s where our TikTok Money Calculator comes in — it calculates how much revenue you can make on TikTok based on a few key metrics, all in the click of a button.

Are you ready to see how much you stand to earn as a TikTok creator? Use our TikTok Money Calculator below to find out.

TikTok Engagement and Earnings Calculator

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Our TikTok Money Calculator gives you an idea of how much you could make from the TikTok Creator Rewards Program per video, what to charge brands for a single sponsored post, and average sales you could make per month by promoting your digital products on TikTok. Use our calculator’s estimated amounts as a reference to guide you as you negotiate with brands about a potential brand partnership, or as you prepare to launch your own digital product.

How much money can you make on TikTok?

There’s no limit to how much money you can make on TikTok, but there’s also no standard to exactly how much revenue you can bring home per post.

While platforms like YouTube pay creators a set rate for ad placements on their posts, TikTok doesn’t yet compensate the majority of its creators for running ads on their videos. Because of this, TikTok creators and third-party brands don’t have an an intermediary or any set rates to follow if they decide to work together. Without this standardization and support from TikTok, the revenue brought on from brand deals and sponsored posts can vary widely.

However, one thing’s for sure in almost all cases: TikTok influencers get paid more if they have both a high engagement rate and a high number of followers.

Your TikTok engagement rate is the percentage of TikTok users who engage with your content through likes, comments, shares, and follows. Engagement rate is one of the key metrics brands look at when creating their influencer marketing campaigns. A high TikTok engagement rate is highly valued by these brands, and influencers with more TikTok engagement will earn more money through these brand partnerships.

How to calculate engagement rate

So, you might be thinking, “How do I figure out my engagement rate? And what’s a good TikTok engagement rate?” Our TikTok calculator does all this work for you, calculating your TikTok engagement rate based on your follower count and the total number of likes you’ve received on your TikTok account.

Using these metrics, our TikTok Money Calculator shows you your estimated earnings from different sources, per post or per month. It’s important to note that our TikTok Money Calculator provides you with only estimations of your TikTok earnings from the TikTok Creator Rewards Program, brand sponsorships, and digital product sales.

How to make money on TikTok

TikTok is a massive social media platform with enormous reach. Because of this, the opportunities for making money on TikTok seem endless. It’s true: there are many ways to make money on TikTok, including more obvious avenues like brand partnerships, as well as selling merch and digital products, and even going live!

If you’re a creator looking to start earning money on TikTok, or if you’re a TikTok influencer looking to diversify your income streams, read on to discover the many different ways to make money on TikTok.

Join the TikTok Creator Rewards Program

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In the last few years, TikTok has launched its own set of monetization tools to help creators earn money through the app. The latest is the Creator Rewards Program.

In light of users’ complaints about the original Creator Fund, TikTok has recently launched the Creator Rewards Program (previously known as the Creativity Program Beta). According to TikTok, this new monetization tool is designed to reward creators for making “high-quality, original content that is over a minute long.” It arrives with an updated,“optimized rewards formula” that prioritizes four key areas, including:

  1. Originality
  2. Play duration
  3. Search value
  4. Audience engagement

How much does the TikTok Creator Rewards Program pay?

In a press release, TikTok said that thanks to the Creator Rewards Program, creator earnings have climbed up by 250% from September 2023 to March 2024. The platform also shared that the number of creators making $50,000 a month has nearly doubled.

According toreports from some creators, TikTok paysaround$0.50 to $1 per 1,000 viewsthrough the Creator Rewards Program (compared to $0.02 to $0.04 cents per 1,000 views through the now-defunct Creator Fund).A few creators have even reported earning up to $19,000 in just four months through the Creativity Program. So, if you’re eligible for it, the new program is certainly worth a shot.

Partner with a brand

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Brand partnerships are one of the most popular and sought-after ways to earn money as a TikTok creator. On TikTok, a brand partnership is a collaboration between a TikTok influencer and a third-party brand, where the influencer is paid to promote the brand’s products or services through sponsored posts.

These sorts of influencer marketing campaigns take many different forms depending on the circ*mstances. Typically, the brand and the creator will agree on a set rate per sponsored TikTok video.

How much do brand sponsorships pay on TikTok?

Brand partnership rates vary according to a number of factors, namely a creator’s average engagement rate and follower count. Naturally, popular TikTok influencers with more followers and higher engagement can earn more money from brand partnerships, and are able to negotiate a higher dollar amount per sponsored post.

Just how much can TikTok creators earn per sponsored post? According to a 2024 report by Influencer Marketing Hub, TikTok nano-influencers (1,000 to 10,000 followers) typically earn $5 to $25 per video, while micro-influencers (10,000 to 50,000 followers) can charge $25 to $125 per video, and mid-tier influencers (50,000 to 500,000 followers) can charge $125 – $1,250 per video.

On the other end of the spectrum, mega-creators with millions of followers, like Charli D’Amelio, can rake in up to $100,000 per sponsored post.

To maximize your earnings through partnerships, focus on increasing your TikTok engagement and growing your follower count. Our TikTok Money Calculator can help you figure out your current engagement rate, so you can get an idea of how much work you’ll need to put in to reach your revenue goals. If you’re looking to gain more TikTok followers, keep reading to find out how!

Sell digital products

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Are you looking to earn even more money on TikTok? Get into the digital product game. Creating and selling digital products is one of the best and easiest ways for creators to monetize their social media following.

What is a digital product?

In short, a digital product is anything you can sell online that your customer can download. Think templates, ebooks, online courses, and yes, even PDFs of knitting patterns.

Selling digital products is a great way to maximize your profits, as they require pretty low overhead costs to produce and maintain, like renting a brick-and-mortar storefront or maintaining a physical inventory.

Compared to physical goods, selling digital products save on time and effort, including logistics and production. Creators only need to produce a digital product once and can sell it over and over. You also don’t need to worry about things like shipping or supply chain issues. Once it’s been uploaded to your online storefront, a digital product becomes a source of passive income, allowing you to spend more time on things you actually want to do.

Click here to start creating and selling digital products with The Leap. It’s free!

What digital products can I sell as a TikTok creator?

There’s a whole world of digital products out there to sell. However, the kind of digital product you’ll want to sell will depend on your specific niche and your audience’s needs.

For example, if you’re a creator specialized in career advice, you could sell an interview prep guide to your TikTok followers. If you’re a food creator, you could publish an e-cookbook. And if you have knowledge to share about a specific topic, you could even build and sell a mini-course about it.

Here’s a list of digital product ideas to get you started:

  • Templates (for websites, resumes, invitations, budgeting, and more)
  • Ebooks
  • Online courses (including mini-courses)
  • Subscriptions and memberships
  • Printable art and craft patterns
  • Stock music

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Create and sell digital products in minutes using The Leap!

How can I create a digital product?

Now that you know the benefits of selling digital products and have a few ideas of what kinds of digital products you can market through TikTok, you probably want to start creating your own, like, right now. Well, you totally can!

With The Leap, you can create your digital product in just minutes. That’s right: our AI-powered digital product builder does all the heavy lifting for you. Simply answer a few questions regarding your expertise and audience, and our authoring tool will brainstorm topics for you and even create the first draft of your product for you. From there, you just have to personalize your auto-generated outline with your own content and branding and — voilà — you’ve got a brand new digital product to sell.

What’s even better is that The Leap doubles as a link-in-bio storefront. This means you can build, market, and sell your digital products all from one spot. Or, if you so choose, use your Leap store to sell products created with third-party apps like Notion or Canva.

Want to cash in on digital products? The Leap’s AI-powered authoring tool helps you create and sell digital products, quickly and easily. Try The Leap for free now.

Sell merch

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Selling merch is another great way to make money as a TikTok creator. Merch (short for “merchandise”) are branded products sold to the fans of a person, group, or brand. Essentially, anyone with an audience can sell merch. This means that, like sports teams and music groups, TikTok influencers can also make and sell merch.

Selling merch is a great way to monetize your social media following, and provide your TikTok fans with a way to show their support. Basically, if you can stick your branding on it, it’s merch! From T-shirts to coffee mugs, the possibilities for creating merch are seemingly endless. Here are some of the most popular forms of merch:

  • T-Shirts and apparel
  • Baseball hats, socks, and accessories
  • Tote bags
  • Mugs and water bottles
  • Pins
  • Stickers
  • Phone cases

Selling merch is an easy and fairly inexpensive way to make money on TikTok, because of the wide range of print-on-demand (POD) services available to creators. These services take a lot of the effort out of selling merch: all you have to do is create your slogans and designs, and the POD company will print the product and ship it off to the buyer. This saves creators a lot of effort in terms of sourcing products, stocking an inventory, and shipping orders, giving them more time to create the videos their fans love.

Go live on TikTok

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Did you know you can make money by going live on TikTok? TikTok’s LIVE Gifting feature allows creators to essentially monetize their livestreams.

By activating the LIVE Gift feature on their TikTok account, creators are able to begin collecting gifts from fans. Among these gifts are TikTok Diamonds, which can be redeemed for money. Pretty cool, right? Head over to TikTok to learn more about how to enable LIVE Gifting and start monetizing your live videos.

How to get more followers on TikTok

Having a large, dedicated following goes a long way in terms of making money on TikTok. Brands typically pay more money to influencers with a larger follower count. Additionally, having a larger fan base means more potential customers for other income streams, like selling digital products.

Looking to grow your audience? Here are a few things that will help you get more followers on TikTok.

Define your target audience

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To build a substantial audience, it’s important that you first understand that audience. Step one in growing your TikTok following is to define your target audience. The kind of audience you’re targeting will depend on the type of content you want to crate, and the niche you want to occupy. For example, a TikTok creator looking to create pilates content will likely be targeting an audience of fitness-oriented individuals.

Understanding your intended audience, as well as their interests and needs, will help you create more engaging TikTok videos and a more cohesive body of content. This will help attract new followers and make your existing following want to share your content with others, organically expanding your reach and growing your audience.

Experiment with TikTok trends

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If there’s one thing TikTok-ers love, it’s trends. And creators can leverage TikTok memes and trends to increase their following.

By creating content around trends and adding trending hashtags to your TikTok videos, you could increase your chances of being discovered by users who are perusing the platform’s powerful For You page (FYP), or taking a deep dive into a trending hashtag’s videos.

Use the right hashtags

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On that note, using the right hashtags can help you up your follower count. By using relevant hashtags, you’ll drive new users who are interested in your niche towards your content through TikTok’s search function.

However, don’t over do it. Using tons of hashtags will make your videos look spammy, and using irrelevant hashtags will definitely lead to more confusion than more followers.

Want to boost your engagement? Get our Essential TikTok SEO Cheat Sheetfor tips on getting more eyeballs on your content.

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Optimize your TikTok bio

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In addition to optimizing your videos, you’ll also want to optimize your profile for TikTok’s search and discovery functions. This means adding relevant hashtags and keywords to your bio, and linking to your other social channels. By doing this, you’ll increase the likelihood of new followers finding your TikTok channel.

Free guide on making money on TikTok

There are many different ways to make money on TikTok, from brand partnerships to selling products, or even hosting live videos. How much you can make really depends on how much time, effort, and ingenuity you’re willing to put into your TikTok content.

All in all, the revenue you can make on TikTok is highly dependent on your audience and your engagement rate. Working on building a large, dedicated audience by creating engaging, relevant content is the best way to maximize the amount of money you can make on TikTok. From there, the sky’s the limit!

Ready to start earning?Grab our free guide on How To Make Money on TikTokfor more tips.

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How to Make Money on TikTok

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TikTok Money Calculator FAQ

Stuck on how to use our TikTok Money Calculator? Don’t sweat it. Here are a few frequently asked questions to help you get a handle on it.

How do I calculate my TikTok engagement rate?

Our TikTok Money Calculator calculates your TikTok engagement rate for you. Simply enter your follower count, your total TikTok likes, and your total number of videos, and our calculator will generate your engagement rate percentage along with your estimated earnings from different sources, per post or per month.

What is a good engagement rate on TikTok?

TikTok is the social platform with the most overall engagement. Because of this, what would be considered a good engagement rate on TikTok is a bit higher than on other platforms. While the idea of a good engagement rate is subjective, typically, a good average engagement rate for TikTok is somewhere between 4.5% to 18%. You can use our TikTok Money Calculator to see if your engagement rate falls within this range.

How much should I charge for sponsored posts?

Our TikTok income calculator provides you with an estimate of how much you should be charging per sponsored post based on your TikTok account’s average engagement rate. These numbers are just an estimate, but can be helpful when you’re trying to figure out how much revenue you can generate through TikTok.

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This article was originally published in April 2023, and updated in April 2024 with additional information.

TikTok Money Calculator: Estimate How Much You Can Earn as a Creator  (2024)
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