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  • Obituaries · Area deaths. June 22, 2024. DOLORES C. SOTKOVSKY GABRIEL, 95, formerly of Youngstown, died Wednesday in Texas. ... Copyright © The Vindicator | | 240 Franklin Street ...

  • McDONALD — Lillian Rose Williams, 81, passed away Wednesday, June 19, 2024, at St. Elizabeth Hospital. She was born in Youngstown on April 27, 1943. She was a graduate of Liberty High School. In her professional life, Lillian dedicated six years to PharMor. Outside of work, Lillian found joy in simple pleasures. She enjoyed taking […]

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  • Obituaries · Lillian R. Williams 1943-2024. June 22, 2024. McDONALD — Lillian ... Copyright © The Vindicator | | 240 Franklin Street SE, Warren, OH 44482 | 330-841-1600 | Terms of Service.

  • CANFIELD — Dr. David Edward Gabriel passed away Wednesday, June 19, 2024, at his home. It is with sadness and appreciation for a life well lived that family and friends must now say goodbye to David. He was 77, and fortunate to have led a full and diverse life. He will undoubtedly be remembered for […]

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  • Obituaries · Services. June 21, 2024. MARY F. AMATORE, 88, formerly of Hubbard ... Copyright © The Vindicator | | 240 Franklin Street SE ...

  • BOARDMAN — Emily Duda Mrozek, 95, formerly of New Castle, Pa., passed away Wednesday morning, June 19, 2024, at Hospice House. She was born April 10, 1929, in New Castle, the daughter of the late George and Mary Knox Duda. Emily was a graduate of New Castle High School, Class of 1947. Emily was married […]

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5. Obituaries - Youngstown - The Vindicator

  • Obituaries · Nancy L. Shepherd 1932-2024. June 20, 2024. YOUNGSTOWN — Nancy L ... Copyright © The Vindicator | | 240 Franklin Street SE ...

  • McDONALD — Kathleen A. Leskovac, 76, entered into eternal rest, Monday, June 17, 2024, at home, surrounded by her loving family. A lifelong area resident, she was born May 5, 1948, in Youngstown, the daughter of Joseph E. and Caroline Miner Minehart. Kathy was a graduate of McDonald High School and retired from the United […]

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  • MARTHA ANN JENKINS BOYER, 99, Youngstown. CELEBRATION OF LIFE: 2 p.m. Sunday, Diehl Lake Lodge, Berlin Center. MARY R. HALFACRE, 87, Youngstown. SERVICES: 11 ...

  • THOMAS DURKIN, 81, of Boardman, died Monday. Services are pending. (Fox) MARY LOUISE KIMPLE, 69, of Niles, died Saturday. SERVICES: 2 p.m. Thursday, Pleasant Valley Church, Niles. CALLING HOURS: 1 to 2 p.m. Thursday, church. (Arbaugh-Pearce-Greenisen) LINDA R. SCOLA, 71, of Lisbon, died Friday. There are no services. (Arbaugh-Pearce-Greenisen) JOHN D. SNYDER SR., 68, of […]

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  • Obituaries · Area deaths. June 21, 2024. DAVID L. SHAMBACH, 66, of Lake Milton ... Copyright © The Vindicator | | 240 Franklin Street SE ...

  • SAVANNAH BENSON, 90, Youngstown. CELEBRATION: 3 p.m. Saturday at her residence. THE REV. SUSAN E. BROWN, 52, Boardman. SERVICES: noon Saturday, March 14, 2020, Boardman United Methodist Church. TOMMY L. BROWN, 68, Youngstown. SERVICES: 11 a.m. Monday, Greater Friendship Baptist Church. CALLING HOURS: 10 to 11 a.m. Monday, church. ELIZABETH A. DICKEY, 80, Boardman. SERVICES: […]

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  • OBITUARIES · Denise M. Patrick 1957-2024. POLAND — Denise Marie Tocicki Patrick ... Area deaths. DOLORES C. SOTKOVSKY GABRIEL, 95, formerly of Youngstown, died ...

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  • ATLANTA (AP) — By the time fishermen spotted the first head bobbing above the water, the 38 dogs were exhausted and struggling to stay alive. The hound dogs had plunged into a large Mississippi lake while chasing a deer, a diversion during a fox hunt. Bob Gist, who was fishing on the lake, knew they […]

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  • Ohio Obituaries · Pennsylvania Obituaries · MyValleyTributes Search · Local news

  • Local News, Weather and Sports in Youngstown, Ohio

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  • Youngstown, Ohio | Tributes, In Memoriam, Deaths, Obituaries, for Warren, Austintown, Boardman, Canfield, Poland.

  • Youngstown local news, classifieds, jobs, homes, cars, discussions, contests Youngtown Warren Ohio

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  • Obituaries · Corey L. Richardson 1977-2023. August 9, 2023. YOUNGSTOWN — Mr. ... Copyright © The Vindicator | | 240 Franklin Street SE, Warren, OH 44482 | 330-841-1600 | Terms of Service.

  • KERRVILLE, Texas — Norma Jean Sfara Johnson, 72, a graduate of Struthers High School, died Sunday, July 23, 2023, in Fort Myers, Fla., at the home of her sister, Margaret Ford (Ange). Norma had a peaceful passing, surrounded by the love and prayers of everyone who ever had the good fortune to meet her. She […]

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  • 31 jan 2021 · Area deaths. Obituaries. Jan 11, 2021. Area deaths. JOSEPH E. GUIDOS, 67 ... Copyright © The Vindicator | | 240 Franklin ...

  • JACQUELINE GOLDEN, 79, of Warren, died Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2021, at Trumbull Regional Medical Center. SERVICES: 11 a.m. Wednesday, Restoration Christian Fellowship, Warren. CALLING HOURS: 10 to 11 a.m. Wednesday, church. (Staton-Borowski) COREY MICHALISZYN, 48, of Canfield, died Friday, Jan. 29, 2021. SERVICES: 11 a.m. Wednesday, Zion Lutheran Church. CALLING HOURS: 4 to 7 p.m. […]

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  • Obituaries · Area deaths. July 9, 2023. KIM D. BAUMGARTNER, 64, of North Jackson ... Copyright © The Vindicator | | 240 Franklin Street SE ...

  • POLAND — Cecil B. Kimmel peacefully passed away Wednesday, Aug. 9, 2023, at The Inn at Poland Way, surrounded by his loving family. He was born Aug. 21, 1933, in Johnstown, Pa., a son of the late Cecil Byron and Mary Margaret Holleran Kimmel. Cecil graduated from Ursuline High School in 1952. He was the […] Obituaries (2024)


What is the largest obituary website? ›

The Web site hosts obituaries and memorials for more than 70 percent of all U.S. deaths. hosts obituaries for more than three-quarters of the 100 largest newspapers in the U.S., by circulation.

What are the final words on an obituary? ›

Concluding Message

In the conclusion of the obituary, special requests may be made such as, “in lieu of flowers, donations may be made to…” or “Our heartfelt thanks to the staff at General Hospital for…” Some families make the final line a dedication honoring their loved one.

Why can't I find my friends obituary? ›

There could be several reasons why you're having difficulty finding an obituary. The person you're looking for may not have had an obituary, the newspaper that published it could have gone out of business, or it could have never been saved or digitized.

Why do I read obituaries? ›

People read obituaries for a variety of reasons, including staying informed. If a visible community member or acquaintance passes, we have an innate desire to know about it. Most of us know someone who has proclaimed and one time or another that “I read them to make sure my name isn't listed.”

How do you find a person who passed away? ›

Read The Paper or Watch The Local News

If you receive a physical newspaper, review the obituaries section to see who recently passed. Searching for someone who died more than 30 days ago? Turn to sites like Google News Archives, US News Archives, or International News Archives.

How to find out if someone has died? ›

A basic online search may reveal an obituary or information about a memorial service. Type the person's name and words like “death,” “obituary,” or “memorial” and any personal information you may have, such as their date of birth or names of close relatives who could be mentioned as one of their surviving kin.

What is the most common last words before death? ›

Ms McFadden is often around death due to her job and revealed that the most common thing people say right before they die is 'I love you,' and that they often call out to their mom or dad, who have usually already passed away.

What should you not say in an obituary? ›

Common Mistakes to Avoid when Writing an Obituary
  • Avoid Making the Obituary About You. ...
  • Don't Focus Just on Death. ...
  • Listing People Who Were Appreciated. ...
  • Avoid Clichés. ...
  • Abbreviations. ...
  • Don't Over Describe the Funeral.

What is the best opening line for an obituary? ›

Ideas for the Beginning Paragraph

On (day, date), (full name of deceased) of (city of residence) passed away at the age of ____ years. The family of (full name of deceased) of (city of residence) is saddened to announce his/her passing on (day, date) at the age of _____ years.

How do you say there will be no funeral service? ›

Obituary Example: No Funeral or Memorial

They always spread joy and happiness wherever they went. As per [first name]'s request, no funeral or memorial service will be held.

Is it weird to share an obituary on Facebook? ›

Newspapers still publish obituaries, but today many families choose to make death announcements on social media. While some people may find this to be poor etiquette, a social media post actually isn't that different than an obituary.

When you find out an old friend died? ›

Tips for coping with the death of an old friend

Know that any bereavement can trigger feelings and emotions. Reach out to friends or family that might have known the person that died. Often we want to connect with those that knew the person. But not everyone feels the same so take their lead.

Is it disrespectful not to have an obituary? ›

Posting an obituary is not a legal requirement and is a sentimental action. Families don't have to publish one if they don't want it or do not have the funds to do so. While you do not have to share a death note or obituary, you must file a death certificate with your state's office.

Why do newspapers charge so much for obituaries? ›

Why does it cost so much to post an obituary? Publishing an obituary in the newspaper is expensive because of the limited space papers have. Newspapers value every inch of each page, so they must charge to use that limited space for an obituary.

Who normally reads the obituary at a funeral? ›

This reading may be performed by a family member, a close friend, or a designated individual. The purpose of the obituary reading is to share important details about the deceased person's life, allowing everyone present to reflect on their accomplishments, relationships, and contributions.

How do I find obituaries in the USA? ›

Obituaries and death notices are best located by looking up a person's name in a printed index, an index on a database, a full-text database, or a website that compiles obituaries.

Is there an app for local obituaries? ›

MyObits: Obituary Listings on the App Store.

How do I find an obituary in Florida? ›

Begin by entering the name of the person, the word obituary, and “Florida” into your favorite search engine. If the deceased had a common name, you might need to add additional search terms, such as the name of a family member, the town where they lived, or the date of death.

What are the sizes of obituary programs? ›

The letter size of 8.5 x 11 inches is a standard size for funeral templates and many other types of printed materials in North America because it is a commonly used size for printer paper by people.

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